3 Ways for Women Entrepreneurs to Surmount Typical Business Obstacles

As more and more women become entrepreneurs, it’s important to recognize their unique challenges in the business world. Women entrepreneurs often face hurdles from funding to networking that their male counterparts do not. However, there are strategies that women entrepreneurs can employ to overcome these obstacles and achieve success in their businesses.

  1. Build a Support Network

One of the biggest hurdles women entrepreneurs face is a lack of support. Starting and growing a business can be an isolating experience, and women entrepreneurs may struggle to find mentors, peers, and allies who can offer guidance and support. However, building a support network is essential for success.

Women entrepreneurs can start by seeking out other women in their industry, attending networking events and conferences, and joining professional organizations. Social media platforms like LinkedIn can also be a valuable tools for connecting with like-minded professionals.

In addition to building a professional network, women entrepreneurs should build a personal support network. This can include friends, family members, and others who can offer emotional support and encouragement during the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

  1. Embrace Confidence and Assertiveness

Studies have shown that women are often less confident than men in the workplace, which can hold them back from taking risks and pursuing their goals. However, confidence and assertiveness are crucial for success in business.

Women entrepreneurs should work on developing their confidence and assertiveness through strategies like positive self-talk, practising assertive communication, and seeking out feedback and validation from others. It’s also important to recognize and celebrate successes, no matter how small, to build confidence and momentum.

  1. Seek Out Funding and Investment Opportunities

Access to funding and investment is another hurdle that women entrepreneurs often face. Research has shown that women-owned businesses receive less funding than their male-owned counterparts, despite often having similar performance levels and potential for growth.

Women entrepreneurs should actively seek funding and investment opportunities to overcome this hurdle. This can include applying for grants and loans, seeking out angel investors and venture capitalists, and crowdfunding. It’s also essential to ensure that business plans and pitches are well-prepared and well-researched to increase the likelihood of securing funding.

In addition, women entrepreneurs can also look for opportunities to invest in other women-owned businesses. This provides support and funding for other women entrepreneurs and can help build valuable connections and networks.


While women entrepreneurs may face unique challenges in the business world, some strategies can help them overcome these hurdles and succeed. By building a solid support network, embracing confidence and assertiveness, and seeking funding and investment opportunities, women entrepreneurs can overcome common obstacles and thrive in their businesses.