An Innovative Mind | Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble

An Innovative Mind | Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble

Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble


Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble is a Clinical Operations Professional with over 12 years of experience in the clinical research industry. She has worked as a Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Trial Manager, Clinical Project Manager, and Clinical Project Lead, providing pharmaceutical companies and CROs with complete clinical research services. She has worked in multiple indications of clinical research such as gynecology, infectious disease, rare disease, oncology, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, pulmonary, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedic, and pain management. Dr. Rodgers-Gamble has helped to conduct Investigational Product, Medical Device, Combination (Investigational Product and Medical Device), Bioequivalence, Bioavailability, and Observational studies.


Dr. Rodgers-Gamble has provided services for Pfizer, ICON, Sorrento, Bionical Emas, Evofem, Respivant, Parexel, Syneos Health, and many other CROs alongside pharmaceutical companies. CR Clinical was founded in 2015 to innovate and collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical device corporations, CROs, and individuals to provide full Clinical Research services and education. With the help of her staff, Dr. Rodgers- Gamble has provided specialized services to each client. In addition, CR Clinical continues to offer individuals ways to enter the clinical research industry by offering Clinical Research Masterclasses and internships led by Dr. Rodgers-Gamble. Due to Dr. Rodgers-Gamble’s experience in various positions and indications, she has been able to transform and innovate excellent procedures and processes, which allows CR Clinical to be successful today.

Dr. Rodgers-Gamble is a part of multiple women-owned networks and organizations. She stays connected with her fellow members and partners with other women-owned businesses to provide services. Dr. Rodgers-Gamble also teaches an Independent CRA Masterclass, which helps individuals start their own business as a contract Clinical Research Associate.

The pioneering leader inspires and empowers team members to become great leaders of tomorrow by having mid-year and yearly performance reviews. Each year all staff members develop goals they would like to achieve by the end of the year. CR Clinical allows each staff member to work with their manager to help them achieve those goals.

All staff members who achieve their goals are rewarded in many ways, such as a financial increase in salary or promotion to a higher position, which helps achieve success within CR Clinical.

“It took me 2-3 years to find success. The advice I would like to share from my journey is to gain as much experience as you can within the industry and apply what you have learned in an efficient way that works for your organization,” says Dr. Rodgers-Gamble. “Everything you learn may not work for your company therefore only apply the sufficient procedures and processes then create your own additional innovative workflow which will help your company to stand out.”

Dr. Rodgers-Gamble’s life lesson of being a female leader is that one will always have to work harder as a female. “I am a minority female business owner therefore I had to gain additional experience and even earn additional degrees just to be noticed in the industry,” she explains. “Even though I was required to do more work to be noticed, I have learned that once you gain the degrees and experience no one can take it away. Therefore, the extra experience and degrees may be time-consuming and burdensome, however, it will pay off in the end.” Armed with this brilliant mindset, Dr. Rodgers-Gamble is taking the company to new heights.

The company’s purpose is to meet clinical research business needs along with helping individuals gain clinical research education and opportunities. Their vision is to support clinical research companies to complete all tasks outsourced to CR Clinical in a fast and effective way. They also take up the responsibility of educating individuals about clinical research and providing job opportunities. Their Core Value is to show integrity while ethically helping their clients.

CR Clinical is a Contract Research Organization that provides full clinical research services. “The current trend in my industry is for all services to transition into fully remote/digital services. CR Clinical has implemented this new trend by offering the Digital 1st CRO Experience. This experience allows clinical trials to be partially or fully decentralized, timelines and milestones to be met quicker, and provides full transparency to the overall clinical trial,” explains Dr. Rodgers-Gamble. “This new approach also decreases vendor management. The Digital 1st Experience provides a transparent, high-performance, low-maintenance way to do clinical trials. This new approach allows the Sponsor visibility and control of the clinical trial from trial design through database lock. CR Clinical has found a remarkable way to conduct clinical trials with the Digital 1st CRO Experience.”

CR Clinical’s most significant achievement thus far—a part of the revolutionary approach—is participating in multiple COVID-19 studies. CR Clinical has helped conduct Pfizer’s COVID-19 clinical trials for adults, adolescents, and children. These clinical trials allowed the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination to be approved by the FDA to administer to the public. CR Clinical also provides clinical research services on other COVID-19 studies with other pharmaceutical companies.

For the near future, Dr. Rodgers-Gamble is working on expanding CR Clinical globally. However, the company has already grown from the United States to Canada, Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific; she would like to expand to additional countries. In order to achieve this, Dr. Rodgers-Gamble is continuing to work towards gaining additional contracts and partnerships with Sponsors, Biotechs, Medical Device Companies, and other CROs. The Digital 1st CRO Experience will allow medications, therapies, medical devices, and other investigational products to get approved quicker through the completion of clinical trials.   Lastly, Dr. Rodgers-Gamble continues expanding ways to help other females and minorities get into the clinical research industry. “For the coming days, I will be speaking at engagements, providing mentorships, and leading CR Clinical towards a better future. I aim to assist CR Clinical in continuing to grow in major ways especially with the Digital 1st CRO Experience.”

Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble Award

" The advice I would like to share from my journey is to gain as much experience as you can within the industry and apply what you have learned in an efficient way that works for your organization. "

Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble