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Heather Evans

Heather Evans passionately encourages women leaders to discover the freedom of living and leading authentically. She believes that “We are the stories we tell ourselves”. She coaches women internationally to find their superpowers and choose their playground, bringing their full potential to both their personal and professional life.

After a fulfilling 25+ years of combined leadership and entrepreneurial experience, including over 17 years with a global healthcare Fortune 100 company, Heather launched Catalyst of Awesomeness, LLC. 

Now Heather works as an eternal change agent, coaching leaders and their teams all over the globe.  Her passion for people and performance inspires her to guide leaders in embracing change, taking control of their lives, and leading teams to extraordinary heights as they bring out the best in themselves and others to become Catalysts of Awesomeness.


Email: heather@catalystofawesomeness.com

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heatherevanscoach/

Web Site: www.catalystofawesomeness.com

Authentic Leadership and the natural gap that exists for women: "Potential" vs Performance

We all agree on the importance of advancing women leaders at all levels, especially the executive level. Today, we are faced with a real problem. Senior women leaders are “Tapping Out” while the younger women are “not opting in”? We are at risk of losing decades of leadership wisdom and future representation.  McKinsey Women in WorkPlace Report also showed that for every woman stepping into a director-level leadership role, two are choosing to leave.

In the last 2 months, we have witnessed 3 high powered women join the ranks of women executives leaving their roles.  Susan Wojcicki, Jacinda Ardern, and  Nicola Sturgeon cite stories of burnout, refocus and reconnection to what is important.

“I’ve worn many hats and done so many things… I took on each challenge that came my way because it had a mission that benefited so many people’s lives around the world… It’s been exhilarating, meaningful, and all-consuming… Today, after nearly 25 years here… ready to start a new chapter focused on my family, health, and personal projects I’m passionate about.” Susan Wojcicki YouTube CEO wrote in a note to employees February 2023

I  have “no more in the tank”Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister, January 2023

“I’ve been trying to answer two questions – is carrying on right for me, and more importantly, is me carrying on right for the country, my party, and the independence cause I have devoted my life to,” Nicola Sturgeon Scottish First Minister February 2023

These stories remind us in the pursuit of trying to “have it all,” there is an additional layer of self-care and thoughtfulness required to sustain the longevity necessary for success. Success can no longer be solely defined by constant pursuit of performance based on what others want from us but must address the growth and development of our potential and passion for what we want for ourselves.

Authenticity is the Answer… Now What was the Question?

Authentic Leadership is about being able to be who you are, where you are. 

So while organizations and DE&I teams rush to address people, systems, and policies, I invite you to look into a big story gap that exists between the mindset of men and women. 

Women apply for a role when they meet 100% of the qualifications while men will apply with only 60% of the qualifications.  This is a sign of an unconscious belief in one’s own potential. Men are more likely to take risks and have confidence that their unique talents will carry them through. As women, are you spending your time and energy in a constant state of trying to prove your value vs. leaning into your true potential?

Performance vs Potential Gap

Performance is a constant battle of “proving your value” creating a never ending cycle based on “what you have done.” It is exhausting. This is clearly seen in the aftermath of performance reviews. Healthy performance goals are achievements along the journey that guide us in decisions. It is a process of learning from our success and failures. Our performance is not who we are.

Potential is about leaning into your authentic talents and allowing yourself to confidently know where to contribute those talents to create value. Potential has no destination or limits. Believing in your potential allows for exploration, inspiration, and growth without boundaries. Potential is about creating a bigger vision of who you can be, new directions you can go, and who else you can become. The advantage is that you achieve successful performance along the way.

3 Intentions for Living and Leading Authentically

Different Challenges, Same Solution

1.    Shift from Doing to Being

Be Clear and confident on who you are, identify your unique gifts (superpowers), and choose projects and work that allow you and your team to contribute your top talent.

2.    Choose Your Story

The story you tell yourself and others creates your reality. Your inner voice has the power to make or break your success. If you want to change the story, it is important to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. What we focus on expands. Choose a story that is abundant and full of possibilities instead of one that limits you or others based on the past.

3.    Put the Oxygen Mask On before Assisting Others

You will not be able to lead or give your best if you are running on fumes, so prioritize yourself first. Make sure you take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. People are watching your actions more than your words. Telling others to care for themselves, while modeling a life of burnout and fatigue is not giving people permission to care for themselves.

As you reflect on these three intentions to live and lead authentically, I encourage you to celebrate the areas where you currently have success. It is easy to think of all the things we “should” do better. This is a no “should-ing” space, as that is limiting language.You are gifted with unique talents to serve and lead. It’s time for you to step into your brilliance as a leader.You are a catalyst of awesomeness!