Empowering Women in Law: A Journey with Jasmine Gevorkyan, Esq.

In the traditionally male-dominated field of law, women leaders like Jasmine Gevorkyan are pioneers of excellence, compassion, and advocacy. As the Founding President of Gevorkyan Law Firm, A.P.L.C., Jasmine embodies exceptional leadership, combining loyalty, dedication, and a profound commitment to her firm’s success. This dialogue delves into Jasmine’s excellent qualities and leadership principles that have shaped her law firm and inspired others.

Guiding Leaders of Tomorrow | Hope Moore

Hope Moore, Founder & Executive Director, Make The Dash Count (MTDC), has a passion for giving back, which she attributes to the example set by her mother, Christine Wallett, who lived by the phrase “life is not a dress rehearsal.” The DASH refers to the little horizontal line on our gravestones; the one between the date we were born and the date we pass away. The DASH represents everything in between and how we choose to live it. From the time she was a small child, Hope watched her mother who was always fundraising for worthy causes, reaching out to help others, and giving of herself until she passed at age 94.

The Chief Encouragement Officer | Debbie Phillips Ph.D, CPM®

Debbie Phillips’ official title may be Founder and President of The Quadrillion, but her ‘unofficial’ title is CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer. Once you engage with Debbie, it’s easy to see why this title fits like a glove. She has an infectious spirit and enthusiasm that creates a high-energy environment wherever she goes.

Healing People & Souls | Chelsea Haverly

Chelsea Haverly’s intention in starting her business, with the support of an amazing co-owner and friend, Christine Coyle, was to create an environment where helping the community and helping others is grounded in business practices and a transparent work culture that is authentic and sustainable.

An Innovator | Carine M. Schneider

Carine M. Schneider still remembers the first conversation when she decided to build Astrella. “When they say “we drew it on a cocktail napkin,” I really did do that. I had a vision on how we could build an ownership tracking system while integrating services and solutions from other providers in our ecosystem,” she elucidates. “I knew that others in the private company community needed a complete solution and that by working together, we could all win while supporting our clients with a strong network of quality providers.”

Dr. Veronique Michaud | GalenusRx Inc

There are moments in life that add perspective and provide purpose. We all know a family member, a friend, or a patient who experienced severe medication related side-effects or died due to a bad medication combination. As a health professional, Dr. Veronique Michaud, President and co-founder of GalenusRx, has always striven to provide patients with the best care. With current knowledge, Dr. Michaud committed that medication-related problems/errors should not happen to anyone.