Shifting Perspective in Sensitive Conversations | Dr. Michelle Braden

In preparing to write this article for The Women CEO, I reached out to several female executives and leaders to get their input.  I received a variety of answers; however, there were a few themes and patterns that emerged.  One of themes that consistently bubbled to the top was regarding how to manage conflict, especially when the stakes, opinions and values are high.

The Emotional Toll of Imbalance | Dr. Heather Penny

The topic of work/life balance is perennially discussed in the business world and, I have to admit, it isn’t my favorite because there seems to be much discussion around it, but less about what lies at the heart of it. Although there is great value in discussing how we can do better at not letting the stress of work creep into our homelife and vice versa, we need to take the discussion deeper.

Lead Like You | Brenda Risner

Leadership is about influence and impact. So how does one go about becoming a leader? Or being a good one? You start by being you. Every person has innate strengths. Get to know yours! When you become more aware of who you are—your values, your passions, your motivations, your strengths, and your struggles—you equip yourself to lead better.

The Personal is the Professional | Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Being in business, regardless of your position or title, brings you and ever single individual, face to face with choice-points. These are specific moment within which we are choice to choose what we choose. It’s nonstop!

Leadership for Everyone An Empowering Perspective on Leadership | Erica Quam

A lot of people don’t.
Maybe you don’t want all the responsibility that comes along with being a leader. You don’t want to open yourself up to the judgment and criticism of other people.
Everyone is a leader. When you expand your definition of leadership to include yourself…it may end up being more empowering.