Kristin Giebler | MAC Flooring, Inc. & MAC Remodel, Inc

Kristin Giebler

Kristin Giebler, Owner, and CEO of MAC Flooring, Inc. & MAC Remodel, Inc. effectively leads her Team with both empathy and strength. Although these qualities can be perceived as contradictory characteristics, it is possible to project both and has been the largest reason for Kristin’s success.

Kimberly Pace | Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro

Building Great Futures | Kimberly Pace

Kimberly Pace has the unusual combination of vision and pragmatism that has enabled her to change the trajectory of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Leandro’s growth in terms of quality programs and community outreach.

Dr. Kathryn Ritchie | Ignition Institute

Enabling Vibrant Story Telling | Dr. Kathryn Ritchie

Dr. Kathryn Ritchie, CEO & Founder, Ignition Institute, has high energy, a wild curiosity and desire to continue to learn and grow, and a deep commitment to care and give back to the planet – to the individual, to the team, to the organization, to the community, and the globe.

Julie L. Butner | Tarrant Area Food Bank

Julie L. Butner

Julie Butner, President & CEO of Tarrant Area Food Bank, takes a big-picture approach to finding meaningful ways to impact. She envisions ways for Tarrant Area Food Bank to address current issues facing the community while positioning innovative solutions to develop future solutions to address food insecurity.

Jennifer Gavin | Apex Placement and Consulting

Bringing Out Strengths of Others | Jennifer Gavin

Jennifer Gavin leverages 20 years of leadership experience in the staffing industry, working closely with corporate clients to deliver a strong return on investment and to help them succeed in the war for talent.

Geneviève Fortier | Promutuel Insurance 

Geneviève Fortier

For Geneviève Fortier, providing a distinctive experience to insured members is priority number one. She believes that delivering on this critical mission requires a daily commitment from the entire team and network of mutual associations.

Devee Joy McNally | madesmart®

A Story of Innovation, Resourcefulness, & Creativity | Devee Joy McNally

Devee McNally will be the first person to say her intention was never to own a business. She never thought she would be working with a team, collaborating, creating, and developing thoughtful products in a beautiful office space.

Christiane Wuillamie OB | Pyxis Culture Technologies

Christiane Wuillamie OB

Christiane Wuillamie, CEO & Co-Founder of Pyxis Culture Technologies, has had a long career in technology and has done every job in IT, culminating in managing software houses and as a CIO for large global banks.