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Dr. Srirupa Banerjee | Lead with your Inherent Strength

Dr. Srirupa Banerjee

Dr. Srirupa Banerjee is a people’s person. A life and leadership coach and an educationist. Her greatest joy is to be amongst people from all walks of life. She likes to talk, discuss, explore and care for everyone around her. She loves freedom and believes that everyone should be allowed to grow and discover by themselves. In contradiction she likes discipline too, as nothing can be achieved without it.

She urges everybody to think for themselves, dream and work towards fulfilling it.

She is an everyday woman with a huge passion for living and supporting others to live.

Lead with your Inherent Strength

A leader isn’t someone who forces others to make themselves stronger; a leader is someone willing to give their strength to others, that others may have the strength to stand on their own. 

Leadership is much greater than influencing people, setting goals, taking action and achieving them. Leadership is multi-layered. It is about the person you are, the trust you can build, the empathy you show, the way you nurture and develop and give opportunity to others. It’s  a trait that you acquire over time. Slowly roasted and brewed with care to achieve the highest quality in strength and aroma! It takes time to become a leader in the true sense.

Talent, hard work, intelligence, vision, purpose, not necessarily in that order, are some of the basic ingredients it takes to become a leader.  Women can become spectacular leaders as some of the traits of leadership are naturally imbibed in them. Yet, presence of women are far from being at a 50% in leadership across the world. This is article would like to bring to light some of the inherent traits of women which when realised can make them brilliant leaders.


No one nurtures better than a woman. Nurture is not only to develop, nurture is also to care while developing. The leader nurtures a talent to achieve more or grow by making his/her ambience better. So, when a leader focuses on nurturing the team in the true sense, the organizational environment improves and is made conducive for growth.


Women Listen. They like to listen and understand. Understand your point of view. Until, the deadlines and goals are messed up and you have a genuine concern. They will listen. Probably choose to agree or disagree, but you have a fair chance to reason out.

3.Collaborative Mindset

Women are social and like to flock. They are known to find corners to gossip. It is just displaying their collaborative mindset. They will make you feel at ease. They like to include everyone. It is a natural tendency to care and see that everyone feels comfortable. Once the team is at ease with each other, work can begin. It is about achieving together with people we know and like to work with.


A woman aces at it. Work life balance is something that a woman knows how to do, from day one. So when it comes to multi-tasking at work, it is an extension of the natural trait. She manages different roles with ease. In a VUCA world when there is so much continuously changing and adding up, taking on multiple responsibilities as leader and managing various crises at the same time is all done with equal elan!


The various physical aspects of the woman, teaches her patience. Puberty, shifting out of her own house during marriage and childbirth are activities that require tremendous patience. Not reacting to tough situations and practicing patience is a must for leaders. The leader provides the anchor to the team and the organization. The frayed nerves rest when patience is displayed.


It’s easier for a woman to be uninhibited. She communicates. She displays and accepts vulnerability. There is a sensitivity that propels discussion. She is open to communication and allows free flow of it. This builds a sense of trust. A trait that is key to leadership.

The statistics are slowly changing and there is a steady rise of women in leadership roles. However, there are plenty of women who are eligible but not in the forefront.  That is because women don’t realise their true potential. They are doubtful of their abilities. They don’t accept themselves. They are not sure how to convert their natural abilities to leadership traits.

The day they know their own natural talents, there will be no need to fight for rights. They will emerge stronger  as a tribe and get the place in the world that they deserve.

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