Irina Kuhlmann

Leadership Coach

Irina Kuhlmann Leadership requires inner peace


Irina is an accredited master executive leadership coach, a former senior executive and business owner in Denmark, with 10 years experience in professional coaching, practicing internationally.

She is devoted to helping executives, business professionals and high performance achievers to create massively improved results both professionally and personally, and live a successful and fulfilling life.

She designs and delivers customised transformative coaching programs, helping people – through a holistic approach: mind, emotions, behaviours, spiritual – develop their skills and capabilities of a successful leader, and unleash their potential as an individual and as a business person.

Furthermore, she has been on several TV programs and in magazines and has conducted Lectures, Workshops, Master Classes and Mastermind Programs on different topics.

The Ultimate Key To Great Leadership - The Inner State Of Well-being

“The more tranquil we become, the greater is our success, our influence, our power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.”

I love this quote from James Allen: a good reminder for everyone.

 During my life I’ve realized that a state of inner well-being is crucial for a life with joy and fulfilment. This state empowers you, it helps you to see things more clearly and take the right decisions, letting out the best in you. Your ability to lead and inspire other people is much higher.

Achievements such as position, life experiences and material things are not enough.

In our world today we need to face numerous changes, challenges and uncertainty. The female leaders and the women from the corporate world have had to adapt and change their habits, and find solutions – not only for their job but also for their children, partners and family. It has not been easy at all. Many of them experience a high level of stress, depression, or burn out: not only because of the external conditions but also because of their inner thinking and emotional responses to these.

We cannot control conditions outside of us, but we can learn to control ourselves.

A period of crisis increases the most your resilience and trust in your own power.

You need to trust that things will work out for everyone and everything, and move like the water with kindness through the stones and blockages, following your path.

Well-being is not only related to the way that people feel, but also to the way in which they function in all aspects of life – personally and professionally.

In order to be a great leader you need to have the ability to cultivate and maintain a state of mind that makes you feel stronger, more safe, trustful and empowered. You need to feel connected to a source of love and gratefulness, while at the same time being vigilant.

Creating a state of inner well-being has become a must. 

How can we achieve and maintain it?

Let’s start with the fact that how we think and how we feel creates our state of being, which has a high impact on the way we act – no matter what we’re talking about – and the results we achieve.

Every one of us knows how easy it is for good things to happen when we’re feeling good with ourselves: it’s like everything is clear and we are in harmony: we find the best solutions, and take the best decisions, and our communication is flowing easily. We’re feeling full of energy and have a state of resourcefulness and inspiration and we achieve great results with our tasks.

Unfortunately, thoughts can change this very quickly. It’s up to us to choose whether we see and perceive everything through the eyes of love and gratefulness or the eyes of fear and worry.

One of my dearest mentors wisely says that 80% of the work is psychology and 20% action, no matter what kind of work we are talking about.

How to calibrate to inner well-being inside of us?

Every person has their own recipe of inner well-being, depending on their core values, self-image, life vision, believes, etc. But the common and most important denominator for everyone is the way they think and feel.

You place your energy where you place your attention.

I would like to share with you a few important elements, which can help you to maintain a state of inner well-being:

  • SELFAWARNESS: be aware of your inner state – thoughts and feelings, of your actions and reactions and calibrate yourself to a state of inner well-being. There are always other ways to do things, and there are always good things in our life, which you can be thankful for at every moment.

Talk to people and with people from a state of balance and inspiration. Be kind and loving but remember to remain vigilant!

Remember that what we FEEL is a result of what we’re choosing to FOCUS on. Be aware     in every moment what you are focusing on.

  • BUILD A STRONG AND POSITIVE MIND SET with the help of self-awareness and focus. It is not about ignoring the negative things. You recognise them and then you focus your attention towards solutions and help your people to do the same.

This is something you can learn and practice to get better at.

Remember always that your thoughts create your emotions, which influence your actions, which influence your results.

  • INCREASE YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Emotional Intelligence can help you to recognize how negative emotions can prevent you from reaching your potential. You need to replace them with more useful feelings and thoughts.

It is not about ignoring your feelings, but about recognising them, accepting them, and deciding in every moment if you want to become a victim of them, or to take action and do something to get out of their influence. Become aware of your negative thoughts and change them. You are not your thoughts.

There are so many simple techniques to help you with that: physical and mental exercises such as taking a couple of minutes to ease your mind, thinking about someone dear to you, using gratefulness, taking a couple of minutes for meditation or Yoga, etc.

  • AUTHENTICITY: the state of well-being starts from a place of authenticity.

Do you live according to your core values? Why not? How authentic and true to yourself are you?

There are continuously ways to communicate with people and do things without loosing your authenticity. Besides, you need to show your vulnerabilities and how you manage them. The best way to inspire people is to do that from a place of authenticity.

As a conclusion:

GET IN A GOOD INNER STATE/CALIBRATE TO INNER WELL-BEING, AND THEN ACT: make that phone call, take decisions, talk with/to people, move forward on your targets and goals, and continuously focus on building your inner state of resourcefulness!