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Lauren Eagan


Lauren Eagan, CEO of Eagan Immigration, is a visionary leader, and fearlessness has been a massive element in the work she does with her team. What separates her from a run-of-the-mill CEO is her compassion for her clients’ experiences, as well as a commitment to her team’s mental and emotional health. “I genuinely love what I do and the people my team and I get to serve, which gives me incredible energy and enthusiasm for my clients and employees,” she says.

“I understand that the values I have and share freely make Eagan Immigration a company that is uniquely different, creating a company that people are highly attracted to while also creating longevity with those who call Eagan Immigration their “extended family”.

Lauren is inspiring and empowering team members to become great leaders of tomorrow. How does she do that? “I believe in my employees and give them the opportunity to shine. I have a “nothing is impossible” attitude, which I understand is contagious; my team members truly feel like they can accomplish anything because of how I empower them and lead by example.” She gives her team independence and trust to manage almost any situation. “I give full faith and trust in my team, and they trust me, and this foundation of trust commits us to one another.

I strive to ensure staff satisfaction is met and provide room for team members to grow by giving them opportunities to attend conferences, attend management training, and change positions within the company.” Lauren sets high goals for her team, yet she works hard to ensure it has everything they need to meet the goals and enjoy its work.

“Lauren is running the company in a way that is typically not done by other CEOs both in this field and many others. She leads with compassion, prioritizing the employee’s overall health and well-being, as well as growing the company leaps and bounds. Most CEOs feel like they must work 60+ hours a week or micro-manage their employees. Lauren has built a company based on trust in her employees, commitment and compassion to the firm’s clients, and innovation for the way things are done. Many of us have never worked for a female leader / founder, and we have also never felt so supported, challenged to be our best, and encouraged as we have here. Lauren is a truly unique and inspirational leader who makes our entire team want to do more and do better. Under Lauren’s leadership, the sky is the limit for Eagan Immigration,” says The Eagan Immigration Team.

According to Lauren, it was almost unheard of for immigration law firms to work remotely before the pandemic. Although she was already testing out remote work before the pandemic, the quarantine orders forced the company to adapt quickly. What initially seemed like a catastrophic change ended up being possibly one of the best things to ever happen to Eagan Immigration. They could adopt new technologies and shift to a fully remote model without losing the quality and warmth of their services. Mental health became a key differentiator and even allowed the company to attract the talent they definitely would not have been able to tap into without the remote option they quickly pivoted to. “We have implemented mental health PTO days for all employees and contractors, as well as unique individual and group therapy sessions with a bilingual counselor who has gotten to know our business and team. This brings a consistent, empowering, and relieving voice to many on our team,” adds Lauren.

Despite many challenges, Eagan Immigration has grown and scaled the company in a 100% remote environment while maintaining excellent company culture. As many companies went fully remote during the pandemic, most have returned to in-person work for at least a large part of their workforce. However, Eagan Immigration is committed to remaining fully remote and finding creative ways to achieve that. They make conscious and thoughtful investments that allow the team members to collaborate and communicate remotely, all while the company proliferates. The pioneering leader believes that one of the main reasons Eagan Immigration has been so successful in overcoming the various hurdles they face while working remotely is that the members of the Eagan Immigration team are all passionately devoted to their clients, each other, and the company’s mission to empower immigrants to achieve. “Our mission truly unifies us and has allowed us to find out-of-the-box solutions to every obstacle we face,” explains Lauren.

Being a steadfast leader, Lauren has a combination of goals for her law firm, other professional goals, and goals for herself on a personal level. Eagan Immigration wants to continue exponentially growing its client base to empower more immigrants to live their best lives in the United States. “We also plan to expand our services to help immigrants in new, non-legal ways, such as providing English classes or on-call interpretation services,” says Lauren. “I also try to improve the benefits I offer our employees constantly, and a big goal of mine would be to offer one year of paid parental leave (if you want to put the kid in daycare during that time and just relax, I won’t judge!).” At Eagan Immigration, the clients and employees are top priority, and Lauren is always looking for ways to improve their lives. Lauren’s goal is to do a TED Talk on a more personal-professional level. “My business coach suggested that to me a few months ago, and I cannot get it out of my head. So, I think that may be the next thing I tackle.”

" Our mission truly unifies us and has allowed us to find out-of-the-box solutions to every obstacle we face. "

Lauren Eagan


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