Bobbie Co-Founders Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy Discuss Transforming the Infant Formula Industry and Fostering a Parent-Centric Work Environment in Forbes Dialogue

April 6, 2023 : Bobbie founders, Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy, are disrupting the infant formula industry with their parent-first approach. As mothers themselves, they realized the industry needed to evolve, especially for parents who are unable to breastfeed their babies. They set out to create Bobbie, which offers a better formula and a new kind of workplace culture. Modi and Hardy are committed to shattering the formula-feeding stigma and supporting every parent’s feeding decision. In the past year, they have doubled down on their commitment to create industry-wide change by addressing upleveled nutritional standards, industry diversification, and bolstering domestic manufacturing. They have also had to make changes to adjust to the ongoing formula shortage, pivoting their business model to prioritize existing subscribers. Bobbie customers were the only formula-feeding parents in the U.S. not impacted by the formula shortage.