Carisma Therapeutics Joins Citizens JMP Life Sciences Conference

Carisma Therapeutics Joins Citizens JMP Life Sciences Conference

May 9, 2024 : Carisma Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: CARM), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative immunotherapies, has announced its participation in The Citizens JMP Life Sciences Conference. This prestigious event will be held on Monday, May 13th, 2024, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The company’s participation in the conference signifies its commitment to engaging with the investment community and fostering transparency regarding its ongoing research and development endeavors. Investors and stakeholders alike will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into Carisma’s progress and future direction.

Steven Kelly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Carisma Therapeutics, will be featured in a fireside chat during the conference. This interactive session is expected to delve into Carisma’s proprietary macrophage and monocyte cell engineering platform, a groundbreaking technology with the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Carisma’s platform centers on the targeted engineering of macrophages and monocytes, immune system cells that play a crucial role in innate and adaptive immune responses. Carisma aims to develop transformative immunotherapies capable of effectively combating a wide range of cancers by harnessing these cells’ natural ability to identify and destroy diseased cells.

An audio webcast of the fireside chat will be made available on the Investor Events section of Carisma’s Investor Relations webpage. This recording will be archived for a limited time following the conference, allowing interested individuals to access the discussion at their convenience.

Carisma’s participation in The Citizens JMP Life Sciences Conference underlines the company’s dedication to advancing the field of cellular immunotherapy. The company’s innovative approach holds immense promise for developing safer and more effective cancer treatment options, potentially improving patient outcomes and offering new hope for those battling this debilitating disease.


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