Cult Gaia's Latest Flagship Locations Draw Inspiration from Jasmin Larian's Sculptural Designs

March 1, 2023 : Cult Gaia, the popular brand known for its sculptural designs, has celebrated the opening of two flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York City after a decade of building a global presence through social media, e-commerce and wholesale. Founder and CEO Jasmin Larian designed the stores to offer her customers a unique shopping experience that is a physical extension of the brand’s aesthetic. The stores will allow customers to experience the intricate details of Cult Gaia’s products, which digital platforms cannot capture, and give the brand complete control over the customer experience.


Larian explained that she had always found it difficult to give up control to wholesale partners in terms of the experience that people have with Cult Gaia’s products. The brand’s success has been largely attributed to its ability to interact with customers on social media and through e-commerce, but Larian felt that offering customers more of the brand in a physical space was important. She wanted customers to experience the brand’s magic and restraint in a sanctuary that felt like a Cult Gaia temple, even if they were not making a purchase.


The Los Angeles and New York flagship stores have been designed with great care and attention to detail. The Los Angeles store features a half-circle shape and design details that include a puzzle of over 600 individual slabs of limestone, each custom cut to create a unique pattern, and lights plotted in the shape of a Leo zodiac sign as an homage to Larian and her fellow lions. The New York flagship draws inspiration from the great colonnades seen in ancient temples and features three rooms sculpted within the length of the space, each providing an intimate shopping experience while creating an urge to explore. The store is draped in earthy travertine and plaster surfaces and features unique individual elements.


While there are no immediate plans for additional brick-and-mortar locations, Larian hopes to expand where the Cult Gaia customer is. The brand’s pop-up store in Miami has already attracted fashion lovers seeking a place where fashion imitates art. Larian’s designs aim to be timeless, with products that customers will want to keep forever, not just because they are trendy. The physical stores offer an opportunity to showcase this timelessness and the intricate details of Cult Gaia’s products that cannot be fully appreciated online or through wholesale partners.