Empowering Women's Leadership Workshop Takes Place at Lower.com Field

May 22, 2023 : Columbus, OH – On Thursday, Lower.com Field was the vibrant host of the highly anticipated Inspire Women’s event, a transformative leadership workshop empowering local women in their personal and professional growth.

Women from diverse backgrounds and walks of life flocked to the event, eagerly gathering to absorb the wisdom of esteemed presenters, participating in engaging workshops, and participating in insightful group discussions centred around the theme of inspiring women. Authentic, an Ohio-based organization committed to providing comprehensive learning programs for personal and professional development, spearheaded the Inspire event.

Craig Lucas, the visionary founder of Authenica, explained the purpose behind the event, stating, “Today, our objective is to encourage women to pause and reflect on their journey. In the aftermath of the pandemic, we want them to consider whether they are on the path they desire or destined for something different.”

The event’s overarching theme was the redefinition of wellness, beautifully exemplified by the Adaptive Sports Connection, a local organization dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages with disabilities through sports and physical activities.

Sharon Bucey, the esteemed President and CEO of Adaptive Sports Connection, expressed the organization’s mission: “We are particularly passionate about inspiring women of all diverse abilities to redefine their wellness, which is why we are thrilled to be a part of this event.”

Notably, the Inspire events deliberately refrain from adhering to a strict itinerary. According to Lucas, this unconventional approach ensures that all participants remain fully present, enabling them to benefit from the experience.

“When you speak to attendees after the event, you’ll find that each person has undergone a unique transformation based on their life experiences. The event is designed to surprise and trigger personal discoveries and epiphanies,” Lucas shared enthusiastically.

He further expressed his hopes that every attendee left the event profoundly impacted by something they witnessed or heard.

“Our aim with these events is to propel leaders beyond their current understanding of themselves, harnessing the power of experiential learning,” Lucas concluded with passion.

The Inspire Women’s event at Lower.com Field was a powerful catalyst for local women, fostering personal growth and inspiring a newfound sense of purpose. Through insightful presentations, interactive workshops, and stimulating discussions, the event left an indelible mark on the participants, empowering them to chart a course towards success and fulfilment.