How Women Lead Expands Reach with New Regional Chapter in the U.S., Championing Senior Executive Women

May 26, 2023 : The Chicago Region chapter of How Women Lead held its inaugural in-person meeting on October 2, 2022, bringing together investors, board directors, and C-suite leaders. Julie Castro Abrams, the Founder, and CEO of How Women Lead, expressed enthusiasm about the chapter’s mission to support women in senior leadership positions and promote gender and racial equity in Chicago’s work and community.

The Chicago chapter aims to reach 10,000 women leaders in the city by 2027. The group plans to focus on various areas, including corporate boards, investing, senior women’s leadership, personal branding, philanthropy, and impact. The chapter intends to collaborate with organizations like IWF Chicago to achieve these goals and host events and development activities.

How Women Lead has two upcoming networking opportunities in Chicago for those interested in learning more about their efforts. The first event, on February 16 from 5-8 p.m. CST, is targeted at senior women leaders. The second event, on February 15 from 12:30-2 p.m. CST, caters to venture capitalists. Those interested in joining can sign up on the organization’s website for additional information.

With a community of over 15,000 senior executive women, How Women Lead is committed to reshaping the definition of women’s leadership. Their focus is empowering experienced and talented women leaders, particularly women of color, to secure positions in C-suites, corporate boardrooms, and venture capital firms as limited partners.

In line with their efforts in California, the Chicago chapter is already working on legislative initiatives in Illinois. They aim to introduce legislation that mandates gender and racial diversity on the boards of public companies. The organization believes that diverse boards contribute to good governance, protecting shareholders, and promoting the interests of Illinois companies. Drawing inspiration from Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, who successfully implemented similar legislation in California, How Women Lead is determined to drive this initiative forward in Illinois.

Kimberley Goode and Amalia Rioja lead the Executive Board of the Chicago Region chapter. It comprises esteemed senior executive women from various fields, including government, business, and non-profit organizations. Interested individuals can visit the organization’s website and sign up for more information to join the Chicago region chapter of How Women Lead.

How Women Lead is a national organization founded in 2011, consisting of top executive women who leverage their collective power to achieve equity for women. They drive representation and opportunities across all aspects of life and career, advocating for systemic reform, mobilizing a movement, providing training, and facilitating access to opportunities. With over 15,000 members, the organization has expanded its impact nationwide. Their philanthropic arm, How Women Give, offers grants and connections to women’s and girls’ organizations addressing critical issues. Additionally, their sister organization, How Women Invest, empowers women to make meaningful investments in venture capital, propelling high-potential, women-led companies forward at scale.