Jollibee Group Empowers Women to Become Leaders in Their Respective Fields

May 12, 2023 : The Jollibee Group continues to prioritize the growth and development of its female employees worldwide, fostering an inclusive work environment that celebrates women’s achievements. As the only Philippine-based company recognized on Forbes’ prestigious list of the World’s Top Female-Friendly Companies in 2021, the Jollibee Group demonstrates its unwavering commitment to supporting women and enabling them to reach their full potential. Women hold the majority of management positions within the company in the Philippines.

Cynthia Castro is an inspiring example of a female employee who has risen through the ranks within Jollibee. Joining the company as an accountant in 1987, she became the Vice President and Finance Head after holding several key positions. Castro expresses deep gratitude and pride for working with one of the world’s best employers, emphasizing the motivation she derives from the opportunity to continually grow and contribute.

Yoly Chua thrives as a leader in the male-dominated field of information technology. As the Vice President and Head of Business Technology for the Jollibee Group in the Philippines, Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEAA), Chua has played a crucial role in stabilizing and overseeing IT functions. She believes women can excel in any industry, highlighting their empathetic nature and effective leadership ability.

Ruth Angeles, Vice President and leader of the Regional HR Team in the Philippines, has significantly contributed to driving culture and engagement within the Jollibee Group. With her extensive experience in human resources, Angeles has played a pivotal role in enabling the company’s successful pivot and building a stronger, more resilient workforce post-pandemic. She also values the company’s commitment to inclusive leadership training and career advancement opportunities for women.

Castro, Chua, and Angeles are part of a thriving community of female leaders within the Jollibee Group, united in their dedication to realizing the company’s vision of becoming one of the top five restaurant companies globally. The Jollibee Group’s unwavering support for women’s empowerment continues to shape a diverse and inclusive corporate culture that values the contributions of all its employees.