Mexican Women Leaders Visit Albany to Drive Change and Foster International Connections

Mexican Women Leaders Visit Albany to Drive Change and Foster International Connections

June 19, 2023 : A delegation of women leaders from Mexico has arrived in Albany to engage in knowledge-sharing and learning experiences centered around their role as catalysts for change. Their visit commenced at the Center for Women in Government in Civil Society, located at UAlbany.

Dina Refki, the Director of the center, emphasized their focus on developing women’s leadership and addressing critical issues such as economic security, gender disparities, healthcare, and overall safety and well-being. Refki highlighted their commitment to empowering women to take on leadership roles and advocating for change.

During their stay from June 16 to 20, the group has actively discussed social issues that transcend national boundaries. In a recent meeting, they delved into the pervasive issue of pay inequality, recognizing that it is a concern not limited to any country, including the United States. Supervisor of Industrial Affairs, Sra. Paulina Nunez, acknowledged the importance of acknowledging and addressing such global challenges.

The visiting leaders aspire to inspire other groups in Mexico to stand up for their rights, both within and outside the workplace. Nunez emphasized the significance of speaking up, particularly for marginalized groups, to foster a society that embraces equality and inclusivity.

Towards the conclusion of their visit, the group is scheduled to meet with Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner and Mayor Kathy Sheehan. These discussions aim to facilitate cross-border dialogue on pressing issues, fostering stronger ties between the United States and Mexico. Sra. Mayra Samano, a council member, expressed her hope that these interactions would contribute to the advancement of both nations and ultimately create a better world.

The exchange of ideas and experiences between the Mexican women leaders and their counterparts in Albany holds promise for further collaboration and cross-cultural understanding. As they continue their journey, they are actively working towards promoting gender equality, empowering women, and strengthening international connections.