Nazanin Boniadi asserts that the Islamic Republic poses a threat to global peace

April 13, 2023 : Nazanin Boniadi, an Iranian-American actress and activist, has advocated for women’s and human rights in Iran. Her activism stems from her mother’s experience protesting against the newly-formed Islamic Republic in Iran in 1979 while pregnant with Boniadi. She believes that the international community must condemn and punish Iran’s human rights abuses, especially towards women.

Boniadi has become a prominent voice in the seven months since a Kurdish-Iranian woman, Iran’s morality police killed Mahsa Amini, and women-led protests have spread across the country. She has met with US Vice President Kamala Harris and testified in front of foreign governments and agencies, including the United Nations.

In an interview with ForbesWomen editor Maggie McGrath, Boniadi called for a decisive and unified response to the Islamic Republic, similar to the response to Putin’s actions in Ukraine. She believes that success will be difficult to achieve until the free world comes together and takes a similar stand against the occupying force of the Islamic Republic in Iran.

Boniadi sees her work as an actress and activist intertwined, with her acting allowing her to portray the human condition and her activism to change it. She also talked about the need for a legal definition of gender apartheid, the current status of Iranian protests, and the threat of the Islamic Republic to global peace.

Boniadi’s activism is rooted in her belief that the human rights abuses in Iran, especially towards women, cannot go unchallenged. She is using her voice and platform to raise awareness of these issues and push for change in Iran and on the global stage.