Olivia Holt Takes on the Role of Roxie Hart in Broadway's 'Chicago'

April 10, 2023 : Olivia Holt, best known for her roles in “Cruel Summer” and “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger,” is making her Broadway debut in the iconic musical “Chicago” as Roxie Hart. Holt recalls her childhood passion for performing, starting with theater camps in her Mississippi hometown. She fondly remembers playing Alice in “Through the Looking Glass” and an orphan in a small production of “Annie” and never lost her love for performing.

When she received the call to play Roxie Hart on Broadway, Holt was ecstatic. The role has been played by many famous actresses since its premiere in 1975, including Gwen Verdon and Ann Reinking. Set in the prohibition-era of the 1920s, “Chicago” follows Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly, and a group of alleged merry murderesses as they navigate their way through the Cook County Jail and try to take back their power.

Holt is thrilled to play such a multifaceted character and views Roxie as a powerful female role model. She believes Roxie has so many layers and dimensions, and if emotional Olympics were a sport, Roxie would be a champion. Holt is set to play an 8-week limited engagement at the Ambassador Theatre alongside Kimberly Marable (Velma Kelly), Liam Fennecken (Amos Hart), Charity Angél Dawson (Matron ‘Mama’ Morton), and Erich Bergen (Billy Flynn).

In conclusion, Olivia Holt’s Broadway debut in “Chicago” as Roxie Hart is a significant milestone for her as she transitions from television to live theatre. With the show’s iconic history and the character’s complexity, Holt has a lot to look forward to in her 8-week engagement.