RobotLAB Expands Distribution Deal with LG Business Solutions USA

RobotLAB Expands Distribution Deal with LG Business Solutions USA

February 9, 2024 : RobotLAB, a prominent robotics integrator renowned for delivering impactful business solutions, has significantly expanded its alliance with LG Business Solutions USA, a leader in B2B technology. This comprehensive agreement, formalized on February 8, 2024, empowers RobotLAB to act as a primary reseller for LG’s entire robotics portfolio while assuming responsibility for its commercial deployment across diverse industries.

This strategic partnership builds upon an initial agreement forged in March 2023, where RobotLAB facilitated the integration of key LG hospitality robots. Leveraging its proven track record of successfully managing the commercial deployment of tens of thousands of robots, RobotLAB has demonstrably earned LG’s trust and appreciation.

Under the expanded agreement, RobotLAB’s role extends beyond mere reselling. Their longstanding industry expertise and keen understanding of specific sector needs empower them to seamlessly integrate LG robots into various businesses, accelerating all deployment aspects, including sales, marketing, technical integration, and ongoing service.

The impetus for this collaboration stems from the increasingly prominent role robots play across diverse industries. From enhancing customer service in hospitality settings to streamlining manufacturing processes, robots offer tangible benefits for businesses seeking to optimize efficiency and innovation.

Moreover, this partnership aligns with both companies’ visions. LG strives to expand its robotics footprint and cater to a wider audience, while RobotLAB seeks to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions at the forefront of technological advancements.

The broader collaboration is expected to generate several positive outcomes. From facilitating wider adoption of LG’s robotics solutions to bolstering RobotLAB’s market reach and expertise, the agreement signals a mutually beneficial endeavor.

However, navigating the complexities of integrating and servicing robots across diverse industries presents challenges. Both companies must ensure seamless collaboration and effective communication to address industry-specific nuances and adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

Despite these potential hurdles, the expanded partnership between RobotLAB and LG Business Solutions USA holds immense promise. By leveraging their combined strengths and industry knowledge, they aim to unlock robotics’ full potential and shape the future of automation across various sectors. 


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