Sarah Ann Masse Faces Career Retaliation After Exposing Harvey Weinstein, Now Advocating for Change

April 13, 2023 : Sarah Ann Masse, an actor, writer, singer, producer, filmmaker, and comedian, was sexually harassed and assaulted by Harvey Weinstein in 2008 when she went to his home to interview for a nanny position. She was one of the first to come forward about Weinstein’s misconduct in 2017. After calling out Weinstein, her agent told her that she was being blacklisted and that casting directors would not call her in for auditions. Motivated by the injustice of it, Masse started speaking out about the incident, and Hire Survivors Hollywood was launched in February 2020 to end career retaliation against survivors of sexual violence within the entertainment industry. The organization has helped survivors get auditions and interviews, published a free toolkit that is a resource for everyone, and consulted with filmmakers interested in creating opportunities for survivors. Masse believes that sexual misconduct and abuse are prevalent in Hollywood and that imbalances of power allow for this kind of abuse. She thinks survivors feel more empowered to speak up, but they still face an environment that makes it difficult to speak out. Masse played Emily Steel in the film She Said, which highlighted survivor career retaliation. She felt safe on set because she had access to a therapist and a respectful environment. Hire Survivors Hollywood is working to change the system and ensure survivors are treated with respect and given opportunities in the entertainment industry.