Specialties Soar at Mercy: New Chiefs Drive Innovation

Specialties Soar at Mercy: New Chiefs Drive Innovation

January 9, 2024 : In a strategic move to bolster its service offerings, Mercy Hospital has announced the appointment of four new leaders to spearhead key specialty areas: neurosciences, surgery and gastroenterology (GI), women and children. This initiative signifies Mercy’s commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality care in these crucial domains.

Leading the Charge:

  • Brian Connor: Assuming the reins of neurosciences, Connor brings extensive experience from his previous role as chief operating officer at Health First in Florida. His operational efficiency and clinical excellence expertise promise to elevate Mercy’s neurological care to new heights.
  • Michelle Fortune: With a wealth of experience in general surgery and gastroenterology, Fortune takes the helm of the Surgery and GI department. Her focus on patient-centered care and innovative surgical techniques will enhance the service portfolio in these critical areas.
  • Dawn Martin: A seasoned healthcare leader with a proven track record in hospital administration, Martin takes on the leadership of the Women and Children department. Her commitment to family-centered care and comprehensive women’s health services will further strengthen Mercy’s offerings in this vital domain.

Enhancing the Landscape:

These appointments align with Mercy’s strategic shift towards performance divisions, aiming to provide seamless, coordinated care across specific areas. The new leaders will play a pivotal role in developing impactful strategies, identifying areas for investment, and improving performance within their respective departments. This focused approach, coupled with the expertise of these seasoned professionals, promises to enhance patient access and optimize outcomes across the spectrum of these critical specialties.

Beyond Staffing:

Mercy’s commitment to excellence extends beyond leadership appointments. The hospital is investing in advanced technology and innovative treatment protocols to provide patients with the most up-to-date and effective care. This includes initiatives like:

  • We are expanding access to minimally invasive general and GI surgical techniques.
  • We are implementing cutting-edge robotic technology in neurosurgery to improve precision and minimize patient recovery time.
  • We are establishing dedicated clinics and support groups within the Women and Children department to cater to specific needs and provide holistic care.

Investing in the Future:

By focusing on leadership and technology, Mercy provides comprehensive and compassionate care across diverse specialties. This investment in its present and future signifies a commitment to serving the needs of its community and delivering the highest quality healthcare available.


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