TaxBit CEO Austin Woodward Steps Down, COO Lindsey Argalas Appointed as Successor

June 9, 2023 : TaxBit, a prominent player in the crypto industry, has undergone a significant leadership transition as CEO Justin Woodward steps down to assume the role of Chairman. Ami Argalas joined the company just a year ago to replace him as CEO. This move positions Argalas as one of the few female CEOs in the major crypto enterprises, marking a milestone for the company.

TaxBit, founded in 2017 by Austin and Justin Woodward, specializes in ensuring tax compliance for companies holding digital assets. It serves as the audit partner for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), providing crucial support as industry regulations and guidance continue to evolve. With major brands like Block, Google, PayPal, Fidelity, and Ralph Lauren among its paying customers, TaxBit has established itself as a trusted partner.

Argalas brings over 20 years of fintech experience and international expansion to her new role as CEO. Before joining TaxBit, she led digital innovation at Banco Santander and explored blockchain technology for cross-border payments. Her expertise in fostering strategic partnerships and driving innovation will be instrumental in guiding TaxBit’s ongoing success.

While TaxBit has already raised $240 million in funding and achieved a valuation of $1.33 billion, the company remains open to potential acquisitions. The focus on international expansion remains a top priority, especially as regulatory actions in the United States prompt crypto companies to explore operations in regions with clearer or more favorable rules. TaxBit recognizes the importance of providing software and tools to assist regulators and governments worldwide in their evolving roles.

As TaxBit continues to adapt and thrive in the fintech landscape, the transition in leadership reflects the company’s ability to navigate change successfully. With a significant runway and no immediate plans to raise capital, TaxBit is well-positioned for enduring success in the crypto industry.