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Leadership Coach

Shifting Perspective in Sensitive Conversations | Dr. Michelle Braden

In preparing to write this article for The Women CEO, I reached out to several female executives and leaders to get their input.  I received a variety of answers; however, there were a few themes and patterns that emerged.  One of themes that consistently bubbled to the top was regarding how to manage conflict, especially when the stakes, opinions and values are high.

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The Emotional Toll of Imbalance | Dr. Heather Penny

The topic of work/life balance is perennially discussed in the business world and, I have to admit, it isn’t my favorite because there seems to be much discussion around it, but less about what lies at the heart of it. Although there is great value in discussing how we can do better at not letting the stress of work creep into our homelife and vice versa, we need to take the discussion deeper.

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Lead Like You | Brenda Risner

Leadership is about influence and impact. So how does one go about becoming a leader? Or being a good one? You start by being you. Every person has innate strengths. Get to know yours! When you become more aware of who you are—your values, your passions, your motivations, your strengths, and your struggles—you equip yourself to lead better.

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Suzanne Hazelton

Generating ideas that get funded | Suzanne Hazelton

From frustrated tired and stressed female business owner idea business funding a global user base and a sense of making a difference. Here’s how I turned a frustration into an idea that attracted government funding – and now makes a difference globally. I share my four step process so you can begin to do the same.

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Timi Gleason | A Senior Leadership Coach in California

The Only Girl in the Room | Timi Gleason

The first time I experienced being the only girl in the room, I was in high school and 17 years old. I thought I wanted to be an Engineer in a radio station, so I requested to enroll in an Electronics 101 class. I had to be screened by the male teacher and recommended by my female career counselor to get in. It was 1967, and I was growing up in San Francisco.

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Sara Sabin

Women in Leadership | Sara Sabin

Some years ago, I was having a conversation with an ex-colleague. She works within the leadership team of the Finance Department of a public sector company. I posed the question, “do you consider yourself to be a leader?”

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Samreen McGregor | What’s in a story?

What’s in a story? | Samreen McGregor

A vivid childhood memory is a conversation with my mother. I was 10 years old. “Don’t ever depend on anyone Samreen. Make your own money to support your family and you will secure yourself freedom and choice in life.” Born in 1938, my mother was one of 9 siblings in a Venezuelan Catholic family raised in the Andes. To her father’s disapproval, she was determined to pursue her studies.

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Pia Aalto

Towards new times with what we learned from leading remotely | Pia Aalto

According to the studies countries that are led by women coped quite well during the pandemic. One of those countries is Finland. We had successful leadership in many organizations, too. Learning from mistakes is important, but learning from what went well is the easiest way to success. What did we learn?
First, please take a moment to realize what You learned:

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Mutiat Adebowale

Leading with Resilience: Five ways Female leaders can effectively manage Crisis in the workplace | Mutiat Adebowale

Could there be a better time to sharpen your resilience muscle as a female leader than during challenging times? Unfortunately, as the world battles back and forth with the dynamics of the global pandemic, increasing challenges emerge for organisation leaders in different ways, and as a woman in a leadership position, your challenges naturally multiply.

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