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Kelly Meerbott | A Calling to Raise Corporate Consciousness

A Calling to Raise Corporate Consciousness | Kelly Meerbott

Kelly Meerbott represents the new age in leadership, one that is no longer dominated by theories, models, and the aging white men who developed them. Kelly stands for a style of leadership that is authentic and governed by the heart and soul, one that is reliant on traits such as empathy, compassion, and love for humanity

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Dr. Srirupa Banerjee | Lead with your Inherent Strength

Lead with your Inherent Strength | Dr. Srirupa Banerjee

Leadership is much greater than influencing people, setting goals, taking action and achieving them. Leadership is multi-layered. It is about the person you are, the trust you can build, the empathy you show, the way you nurture and develop and give opportunity to others. It’s a trait that you acquire over time.

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Dr. Joy Hicks | Why Female Mentorship is Important

Why Female Mentorship is Important | Dr. Joy Hicks

The number of women in leadership has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. Not just in number but also in the high levels of leaderships in organizations and government. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, women held 40% of manager positions and 28% of senior management positions across all organizations.

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3 keys to successful diversity and inclusion efforts

Avoid #DiversityFail: Three elements at the heart of successful Diversity & Inclusion strategies | Carolyn Levy

The pandemic presented a multitude of radical changes in a relatively short period of time. Changes that would have taken months or years to implement happened in a matter of days for many organizations. Of all of the changes set in motion over the past 18 months, I hope we’ll see a continued focus on Diversity & Inclusion, along with meaningful change in how we think about, implement and measure Diversity & Inclusion these efforts.

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